Can You Build Muscle After 40?

"Old is gold and age is just a number". Those are the sweet words of the wise which have a deeper meaning in our day to day lives. You are over 40 years old, and have experienced all the aspects of life, both sweet and bitter. You might have a family that you are taking care of, and your mind is occupied with many other issues such that you can't think about bodybuilding or training anymore.

In your opinion, it's something that you should have done 20 years ago when you still had time and energy at your disposal. Maybe you think that once you're above 40, you will never gain muscles again.

Worry No More!

Do not start worrying about your age because it should not limit you from building robust and healthy muscles. Various scientific studies conducted around the world have reported that middle-aged people 40 years of age and over can still gain and maintain muscle.

The benefits of having strong muscles even when you're over 40 cannot be underestimated. You'll become more flexible and moving from one place to the other will be much easier. Performing harder and more strenuous activities both at work and home will be a problem no..... a thing of the past!

Don't forget that the risk of getting an injury from small accidents such as a fall will be eliminated.

Here's some of the reasons why bodybuilding and building muscle even post 40 is a fantastic idea -

Empower Your Genes

You were born strong, and throughout your childhood, you have grown into quite an active person. Your age should not make you look weak but instead should motivate you to be more vigorous and stronger. If you have genes that promote muscle growth, nothing will stop you from growing muscle..... no matter your age!

Promotes a Healthy Diet

The food that you eat plays a major role in the growth and development of muscle. Healthy eating for a bodybuilder consists of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. If you stick to a healthy diet, your muscles will react positively and much quicker.

Bodybuilding = Exercising

Of course, your muscles can't develop if you decide to eat, sleep and repeat the cycle, over and over again. They need to go through some level of 'torture.' Regular exercises will make your body explore the hidden potential that it has - what's the worst thing that can come from a little exercise??

Your muscles should undergo some form of resistance training as you push them out of the comfort zone.

Use Your Hormones

Even at your age, the body still produces essential hormones that are required and used for the growth of muscles. These hormones include androgens and testosterone. As long as these hormones are produced, your muscles should be able to grow healthier and stronger.

So it's a no brainer!

Cardio Is Not Always King!

It's easy for someone who's "been there and done that", to walk into a gym and just walk over to the cardio machines, but.....


Sure, running on the treadmill is good for a quick warm up and it's help keep you fit and assist fat loss if you do it in short sharp intervals, but if you want to build muscles and burn some serious fat - head on over to the weight rack. This will become your new favourite place.

Lifting weight, naturally increases your metabolism, your core temperature, promotes your bodies testosterone productions and increase amino acid and protein synthesis as well. Oh and did we mention that you'll look awesome too??!!

Mix up your exercises with a series of high weight and low reps along with low weight and high reps. When you feel the burn - squeeze a couple more reps for good measure!

Need We Say Anymore??

With these solid reasons, there should be no excuse to hinder you from building your muscles - whether you're young, or slightly older. Even at 40+ you shouldn't form a barrier from getting or staying fit and building the physique of your dreams.

The only thing that matters most is your attitude - "get your head in the game". You need to have a positive attitude towards bodybuilding, especially if you're serious. Building muscle when you're older doesn't mean it's any more difficult. Your attitude will help you stay on course even when faced with challenges.

The efforts required for bodybuilding particularly for people over 40 years are bitter, but the fruits are much sweeter.

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